My name is Meredith Katzenberg and I am a licensed therapist in the Palm Beach area.

I am currently offering Telehealth to Florida residents through a secure, HIPAA compliant, video conferencing software. It is easy to use and provides you with the opportunity to start or continue your therapeutic journey. I am accepting new clients via Telehealth.

I provide therapeutic counseling to older adolescents and adults. Using evidence-based practices and techniques, I help clients identify roadblocks, build healthy relationships, and get “unstuck” from patterns and behaviors that are not serving them. I work with individuals and families who are experiencing stress, anxiety, depression, co-dependency, challenges with self-esteem, relationship concerns, familial challenges, and more. I also work with people who are looking to expand and grow internally. Together with my clients, we examine life experiences, physical and mental health, sleep patterns, nutrition, exercise, relationships, career, and spirituality to better understand areas for healing and growth.

Philosophy: My individualized approach is centered on empowering you to tap into your innate capacity to heal, grow, and transform your life.

pinnacle: the highest or culminating point of development or achievement


FL #SW13275